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Friday, April 16, 2010

Game 10: Phils hang on for win (8-2)

The Phils looked like they were going to blow out the second-place Florida Marlins, but a 4-run ninth inning for Florida made it only an 8-6 win for the Phils. Roy Halladay pitched 8 innings, allowing only 2 runs on 8 hits. Chase Utley and Placido Polanco homered.

Roy Halladay pitched tonight's game even though it was Jamie Moyer's turn in the rotation. Due to the off-day on Tuesday, however, Halladay was able to pitch on normal rest. This is something the Phillies have not done in the past with their top pitchers, so it's good to see the Phillies using Halladay whenever he's ready to go.

There's not much to analyze about tonight's game (seems to be a trend when Halladay starts). I agree with Manuel's not allowing Halladay to pitch the 9th: it was a 6-run game and the weather was poor. David Herndon allowed 4 runs in only 1/3 innings, but Ryan Madson came onto retire 2 out of the 3 batters he faced for the save.

Tomorrow night at 7:05 pm the Phils go for the series win as LHP Jamie Moyer takes on RHP Ricky Nolasco.

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