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Monday, April 5, 2010

Game 1: Roy boy (1-0)

What a beautiful way to open the 2010 season. The Phillies picked up their first Opening Day win since 2005 (WP: Jon Leiber) behind a solid 7 inning outing from Roy Halladay. Halladay went 7 while giving up 1 ER on 6 Hs 2 BBs and 9 Ks (I would like to charge the second base umpire with that run, as he failed to see Morgan come off the bag while Rollins held the tag on). I'm sure Halladay would have liked to have pitched the complete game (I wouldn't have minded seeing it), but Manuel was right to use Bastardo and Herndon to mop up.

Big day for Placido Polanco as he accumulated 6 RBIs. The Phillies had an all around great day as everyone got involved in one way or another.

Chris Wheeler's disgusting idea of food (describing Polanco's GS): "... and here's the whipped cream for the ice cream with the salami." Gross.


Nick said...

I'm just a sexy Roy. (sexyy royyyyyy)
I'm not your Roy toy. (Royy toyyyyyy)

Anonymous said...

Wheels likes to eat whipped cream on salami's as he rocks around the "clock."