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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Refs look the other way, most likely including the jumbotron

The Flyers/Pens game today turn on its head after Simon Gagne scored what he thought was a go-ahead goal. However, after referee Dan Marouelli signaled goal, and neither referee put his arm up, a conference ensued. Sure enough, after some deliberation, the goal was disallowed. The play went like this Gagne threw a shot on net, and Leino went to the net to look for a rebound/create traffic. However, on his way there, a Penguin either tripped him up or knocked him backwards into Marc-Andre Fleury, who was considerably out of the crease. After the conference, Dan Marouelli announced, "due to incidental contact the goal has been disallowed, no penalty awarded...".

However, according to the NHL rulebook, Rule 69.1 states:

Goals should be disallowed only if:... (2) an attacking player initiates intentional or deliberate contact with a goalkeeper, inside or outside of his goal crease. Incidental contact with a goalkeeper will be permitted, and resulting goals allowed, when such contact is initiated outside of the goal crease, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact. The rule will be enforced exclusively in accordance with the on-ice judgment of the Referee(s), and not by means of video replay or review.

In my opinion, the referees had to watch the replay on the jumbotron in order to overturn this penalty (which is not allowed). The play was clearly incidental contact. If anything, it was initiated by the Penguins player, and Leino seemed to make an attempt to avoid hitting Fleury. Fleury was NOT in his crease. Why doesn't every goalie just collide with players when trouble looms.

Claude Giroux later went in on net on a semi-breakaway, and Fleury lost/threw his stick at Giroux as he attempted a deke. According to rule 53.6:

Penalty Shot - When any member of the defending team, including the Coach or any non-playing person, throws or shoots any part of a stick or any other object or piece of equipment at the puck or puck carrier in his defending zone, preventing a reasonable shot or pass,the Referee shall allow the play to be completed and if a goal is not scored, apenalty shot shall be awarded to the non-offending team. This shot shall be taken by the player designated by the Referee as the player fouled.

No call was made on the play.

Soon thereafter, Matt Cooke held his arm over Ryan Parent's stick while lying on the ice until Parent lost control of his stick. He then proceeded to score a goal in the 10 seconds that followed

No picture or rule is needed as this is clearly holding on to the stick; however, I gave you one anyway. The ref is standing right there watching.

How can the NHL be this blatantly biased toward the Pens?

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