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Friday, February 19, 2010

International Hockey is flawed

Slovakia just beat Russia in an Olympic qualifying game. The game went to a shootout, and the winning Slovakia goal was scored on the above frames. In the NHL, the rule states that the puck must be moving forward (toward the goal-line) at all times. If at any point the puck moves away from the goal-line, the shoot-out try will be disallowed. Obviously, this is too close (and controversial) for the linesmen to decide on the ice.The above pictures take a look at the shoot-out goal that cost the Russians an Olympic victory, and if they were playing by the letter of the law, then the winning goal would have been disallowed. If a skate in a crease can disallow a Stanley Cup goal, then a reversal of a shootout-goal should have similar consequences. The video replay in hockey is not utilized to its potential. The puck clearly moves backward and the goal should therefore have been disallowed. It's too bad nobody in the Western Hemisphere cares about either team.


Henry Rowengartner said...

Having hockey at the Olympics makes it even more apparent how antiquated hockey is when it comes to technology.

All these other sports can determine to the hundredth of a second when somebody crossed the finish line, but when it comes to whether a puck crossed the goal line or not hockey prefers to pretty much guess.

Can you imagine someone standing in the middle of the ice during speed-skating and trying to determine who crossed the line first? It would be ridiculous.

Also, the shootout, even in the Olympics, is still stupid. I didnt stay up for this game, but the Switzerland-Canada game was awesome and then they ruined it with the shootout. If a game isn't important enough to be finished with as many overtimes as it takes, then there is no compelling need to declare a winner. Call it a tie and give each team a point.

Scott Graham said...

Right on, Henry.

As I was telling Mr. Musser recently, I think the space inside the net should be groundless. That way if the puck is over the line, and on the "ice surface", it would just drop into a bottomless abyss, and there would be no doubt.

Additionally, in the case of the Canada vs. USA game tonight, Sidney would have disappeared into the abyss instead of face planting into the ice.

Henry Rowengartner said...

That's one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard.

Henry Rowengartner said...

I've had enough of everybody claiming how special the Olympics were and how great it is to play for your country, pride, etc.

Here's the thing: if it was actually important to the NHL, NHLPA, IOC, and so on, they wouldn't settle it with 4-on-4 ridiculousness followed by the abomination that is a shootout. They might as well have done it NBA jam style and just picked the two best players from each team to see who can set the net on fire first.

But no, everybody is so afraid of getting hurt/tired that they couldn't possibly go 5-on-5 because, horror of horrors, they might actually go to a second or third OT. Which is fine. Just don't pretend like you actually cared in the first place