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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The NHL seriously dislikes the Flyers, loves the Penguins, or both

The puck is in the net, with space between the puck and the goal line, yet it is ruled no goal. The puck is circled in yellow. Terrible officiating. This would have put the Pens in a 3-goal deficit heading into the final period, and God forbid the Penguins get blown out at home.


Scott Graham said...

It's really a disgrace how obvious the NHL's bias is toward the Penguins. Awful.

This overhead view shows the puck in the net. The usual camera angle shows that the puck isn't on the line. What more do you need, Toronto?

Asham got boarded or crosschecked (no call). Carter was all alone on a breakaway and was onsides after a great pass (called offsides). Yet, the Flyers still win 7*-4.

Unknown said...

Great shot at the end...What a joke.

I am pretty sure Malkin was off on Crosby's goal...def more so than Carter was.

Scott Graham said...

nice link mike!

Henry Rowengartner said...

Let's leave aside the fact that, as the picture in this post shows, you can see the puck in the net from the overhead angle.

But the NHL seriously doesn't see a problem in relying on the home team providing a video feed to the booth in Toronto? I was watching the Pittsburgh feed in the game and it was hilarious how immediately after the ref signaled 'no-goal' they showed the other angle that made it much clearer.

Scott Graham said...

I've been investigating some things about the Penguins schedule. Now as of yet, I've yet to check other teams' schedules, or the Penguins entire 2009-2010 schedule for that matter. However, after looking at the months of December and January, I know that as of January 31 the Pens will have played 28 games in that time span. Of the 28 games played, the Pens' opponents have played the previous night 10 times. 3 of those times the opponent was on the road for both games. That seems like an awful lot to me.

I'm not jumping to any conclusions yet, but I'm pretty confident you can expect a post in the near future.

Unknown said...

As a result of the investigation first reported by the Daily News, Fox SportsNet Pittsburgh yesterday announced the indefinite suspension of an employee involved in the replay process that robbed Simon Gagne of a goal in Pittsburgh last Thursday.

A report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said Lowell MacDonald Jr., son of a former Penguins player, was the responsible party.

FSN Pittsburgh had a video replay showing Gagne's shot clearly crossing the goal line, video that was not sent to the NHL's War Room in Toronto for review. They held it until after the play was ruled a no-goal and the drop of the puck made it final.

"There is nothing more important than the integrity of the game," FSN Pittsburgh said in a statement. "Fortunately, this did not change the outcome of the game. Nonetheless, FSN Pittsburgh's failure to provide video to the league officials in a timely fashion was wholly unacceptable. FSN Pittsburgh has addressed this matter and has taken steps to ensure that such a failure does not occur again."

Scott Graham said...

In all seriousness, cheer the Pittsburgher (I wish they were actually called that)that hid the replay. I would do the same thing.

The NHL should be torn apart for allowing any home team employee to provide the War Room with the replays for judgment. It's absolutely insane. There should be an NHL present to provide replays. However, in the Flyers case it probably wouldn't matter because the NHL hates them too.

Henry Rowengartner said...

"The NHL cannot fine [the station] because they're an independent contractor who pays for the rights of the games," said John Dellapina, a league spokesman. "They're not hired by the NHL. And the Penguins had nothing to do with what happened."

So does this mean that the Flyers can't cheat too because they own their own television station? Does the NHL see how absolutely idiotic they are? Teams with independent contractor relationships (like FSN Pittsburgh) can refuse to provide ANY replays whatsoever and there will be no consequences, meaning effectively that the away team can't benefit from challenging anything. Meanwhile, teams that own their own television stations like the Flyers don't have the same advantage and will be punished if they try.

Oh and I love the quote about how the NHL can't afford to run their own camera system. How about this - go back to the days when their was only one referee. That way we won't have penalties called every 10 seconds and we can use the money saved by halving the referees to buy some cameras!

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