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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Expected, but not good

"Last week, manager Charlie Manuel said Polanco would hit second, the spot in the lineup he has occupied for most of his career. He hit .285 with 10 home runs and 72 RBIs last season."

That is not bad. The bad part is, however, that Shane Victorino will likely move down to the seventh spot in the order. Jimmy Rollins is coming off a season where his OBP was .296, and he isn't getting any younger. The .296 will certainly rise, but his career OBP is .329; Polanco had a career low in OBP last year at .331 and that will almost certainly rise as well due to his low BABIP in 2009.

Victorino is coming off two consecutive years over .350, and is career OBP is .347. There is no question who the lead off man shoud be in 2010, but it seems that he will be hitting 7th. Unfortunately, the Phils will probably score fewer runs than they should this year.

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