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Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Series Review: Let's get this out of the way


Predicted score: Yankees 4, Phillies 3
Actual score: Phillies 6, Yankees 1

I underestimated Lee the entire postseason.


Predicted score: Phillies 5, Yankees 3
Actual score: Yankees 3, Phillies 1

This one hurts. People who said the Phillies were playing with house money in this game because they were up 1-0 are fools. I hate hearing Ryan Howard say after game 1, "well worst-case scenario we have a split." Go for the throat. That said, they can't control the strike zone A.J. Burnett received or Burnett's performance. Martinez pitched as expected, but this was a game the Phillies needed to win.


Predicted score: Phillies 6, Yankees 4
Actual score: Yankees 8, Phillies 5

The Phils scored right around where I expected. I was not aware, however, that Jeffrey Maier was employed by Fox.


Predicted score: Yankees 7, Phillies 4
Actual score: Yankees 7, Phillies 4

I said Blanton would pitch well, and I was right. Obviously, I was predicting a bullpen meltdown. Lidge was a foul tip away from proving me wrong. Game four is the only game the Phillies lost where they should have won. Blanton allowed 1 line drive the entire game, and Sabathia allowed 4. Yet, Sabathia allowed fewer runs.


Predicted score: Phillies 4, Yankees 2
Actual score: Phillies 8, Yankees 6

At least I got the margin right.


Predicted score: Phillies 6, Yankees 3
Actual score: Yankees 7, Phillies 3

All Pedro needed was one changeup to Matsui.

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