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Monday, November 23, 2009

Part trois already?

Well I haven't posted in a while, and the last 24 hours has given me some stuff to point out.

People gave McNabb a lot of credit for the win last night. I'm really confused by this. He threw for fewer than 250 yards, and only threw for 2 TDs and even included an INT. This is really unusual for him, but since the defense didn't allow the Bears to score on their final drive, McNabb gets the credit.

Tonight's Flyers game enraged me. The last 3-4 minutes had some pretty awful calls by the referees. The Flyers were called for offsides as Claude Giroux carried the puck into the zone before Jeff Carter. Then, Scott Hartnell was called for goaltender interference as the Avs goalie flopped after Hartnell tripped over his leg pad. Anderson (goalie) was outside the crease. I don't understand that call. Then, Carter was playing a puck in the corner and was boarded, no call. Last 10 seconds Flyers have pressure on them with the goalie pulled, and Carter hardly extends his arms and bumps an Avs defender in front of the net. The flower of a man falls, and Carter gets called for interference.

Jeff Fisher or the offensive coordinator should be shot for not giving the ball to Chris Johnson with 1st and 10 within a few yards of FG range with a minute left and 3 timeouts. Yes, they ended up winning, but how do they not utilize CJ in that case? Three passes. Insane. Not only do you only need a few yards which CJ will surely pick up, but they are possibly leaving the Texans with timeouts in case they get the ball back. Terrible.

We're still here. Don't worry.

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Scott Graham said...

I'm glad to see that Briere's bump from last night's game warrants a suspension, but the cross check to the back of the head that Giroux suffered after scoring his second goal the other night vs the Sharks doesn't receive any retribution.

I think it's really awesome too that the Flyers commit more penalties than any other team in the NHL. What a joke