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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Series Game 1: PHILS WIN (1-0)

I wrote earlier today that game one was more important for the Yankees to win than the Phils, and the Phils now have a chance to grab the series by the throat in about 24 hours. Cliff Lee was absolutely filthy tonight, striking out 10 Yankees in a complete game while allowing 0 runs. The final score of 6-1 indicates a closer game than what actually occurred.

Chase Utley hit two home runs, one about 315 feet and the other about 415 feet. Thanks for keeping the short porch in the new stadium, Mr. Steinbrenner.

Manuel obviously made no mistakes tonight, as there were no decisions to be made. However, with two men on base and two outs in the top of the 8th inning, when the score was still 2-0, Joe Girardi opted to use RHP David Robertson to face Jayson Werth with Raul Ibanez on deck. Mariano Rivera has much better numbers than Robertson, and he has routinely pitched more than 3 outs in one game. Rivera had a much better chance than Robertson to close out the inning. Robertson allowed a walk to Werth and a single to Ibanez, making the game 4-0. Girardi never used Rivera, and his team never had a chance after the top of the 8th. Again, Manuel outmanages the opposing team.

Tomorrow at 8 pm RHP Pedro Martinez faces RHP AJ Burnett as the Phils look to take complete control of the series.


Jobu said...

For as many dumb decisions Manuel makes during the regular season, it's like he becomes a completely different manager in the playoffs. He's destroyed Torre two straight years, Artie last year and I have a feeling Girardi will be exposed this series.

Scott Graham said...

I noticed this in the NLDS. Manuel, or whoever is pulling the strings, clearly understands the benefits of matchups based on the postseason moves. Obviously, it's not practical for managers to manage this way for a 162 game season, but there is definitely a middle ground that Manuel misses in the regular season. Keep it up Charlie.