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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NLDS Game 4: RocktOver (3-1)

Last night, the Phils won a game even more thrilling than Game 3, scoring 3 runs with two outs in the ninth to win 5-4. Charlie Manuel did a nice job of managing, only using Brad Lidge for the fiinal out against righty Troy Tulowitzki.

Scott Eyre started the ninth with the Rockies sending 4 consecutive left- or switch-hitters, and when two of those batters reached base, Manuel called on Lidge to pitch to Tulowitzki. Lidge retired him for the second straight night to win the game, and the Phils are moving on to the NLCS.

Cliff Lee pitched 7 1/3 innings, and probably would have gotten the win if not for a Jimmy Rollins error in the 8th inning which led to three Rockies' runs. Ben Francisco saved the game with an unbelievable catch in the 8th inning, one batter after he was inserted as a defensive replacement for Raul Ibanez. Nice job by Manuel to pull the double switch at that point instead of simply inserting Ryan Madson into the 9-hole.

Cole Hamels will get the start in Game 1, and Lee will most likely go in Game 3. Since the Dodgers are very good against left-handed pitching, perhaps Joe Blanton should be the Game 2 starter. More on that later.


Henry Gardenhoser said...

awesome title

Scott Graham said...

I never thought you'd be one to use a newspaper-ish title for a post. Not that it's a bad thing.

I might even be interested in throwing Pedro in one of the games. The Dodgers' lineup vs. LHP is absolutely disgusting. Not quite as good as the Yankees lineup vs. LHP (best of any L/R lineup matchup in baseball), but still very good