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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NLDS Game 1: Phils open with impressive performance (1-0)

The Phillies opened up the 2009 playoffs with a huge win. Charlie Manuel had a perfect managerial game (aided tremendously by Cliff Lee). Manuel started Jayson Werth in the 5-hole today, and Werth had a solid game. The Phillies offense was pretty well-rounded today as Ruiz, Werth, Howard, and Ibanez (2) knocked in runs. Werth's triple most likely would have been a home run any other day.

The Phillies played very well defensively today, as they adjusted to the insane winds. Cliff Lee pitched very well today, and was allowed to go the whole way, as he should have been. The Phillies got aided by a bad call in the 2nd inning as Yorvit Torrealba was thrown out after tagging and attempting to advance to third on a fly ball to Jayson Werth.

Jimmy Rollins made two tremendous catches fighting the wind. He must have recalled the impossible catch he didn't make in the monsoon last October.

Since I didn't post a series preview, I will mention it now. I have been aided tremendously as today's matchup would have been my toughest decision. After looking at the terrible career numbers of the next two Rockies' starters, I too predict that the Phillies should sweep, and even if it goes to a game 4, The Phillies should win.

Even though Jorge de la Rosa is injured, I'm not too sure it would matter. I'm not one to site small sample sizes, but in two starts vs. the Phillies this year, De la Rosa has pitched a combined 9.2 innings while allowing 12 ER. Furthermore, in his career vs. the Phillies, De La Rosa has a 9.78 ERA over 19.1 IP, accompanied by a 1.862 WHIP.

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