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Monday, October 5, 2009

Game 162: Phils' backups ensure highest win total since 1993 (93-69)

The Phillies won in extra innings yesterday, 7-6, on a walkoff single by Andy Tracy. They haven't had fewer than 70 losses in a season since the 1993 team.

No complaints for Manuel today. He rested his starters, gave his bench players much-needed at-bats, and even allowed Jayson Werth to start so he could chase the 100-RBI mark for the season. He had zero RBIs and finished the year with 99. Manuel also did a nice job of spreading out the bullpen.

Playoff time. This is it: don't get scared now.

Stay tuned for the NLDS breakdown.


Henry Rowengartner said...

Is it just me or is it utterly retarded for anyone to play at 2:37? It practically guarantees that a significant portion of the game will be played in shadows. If you want to play a day game, then start at 1:00. If not, then start after the sun goes down. 2:37 is garbage.

Of course this also means that Cole will have to pitch during the day and we all know how that usually goes, last year's NLDS notwithstanding.

And finally, in honor of of Randy Jones' release from the Flyers:

Anonymous said...

2:37 first pitches are weird but so are playing games in monsoons so that a world series isnt won as soon as a game is declared official despite unplayable conditions. this is why we call bud selig's office to offer suggestions on how to go about his occupation more efficiently.
defending champs and a huge market yet our city doesnt begin with "new" or "st." therefore we get shafted

Anonymous said...

or "Los"

Scott Graham said...

Spanish "the"

Hamels didn't pitch terribly 2 years ago against the Rockies. He gave up 3 ER in 6.2 IP (4.08 ERA). I would take that from most Phillies starters. We'll see though.