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Monday, October 5, 2009

Game 161: Phils lose, finish behind LA (92-69)

The Phillies' 4-3 loss on Saturday night locked them into the second spot in the NL playoff race. I had no problem with any of Charlie Manuel's moves on Saturday (unlike Thursday and Friday), because he started all of his regulars, while still keeping Hamels' pitch count in check. Hamels was not very sharp, and he was removed after 3 innings, 3 runs allowed, and 47 pitches thrown. This move enables Manuel to use either Lee or Hamels as his Game 1 starter on Wednesday (afternoon: thanks Mr. Selig).

Manuel left all his starters in the game, with the exception of Chase Utley, for the duration of the contest. With the exception of Hamels and Utley, Manuel was not treating this as a purely meaningless game. No complaints for his managing on Saturday, although he easily could have marched out a better lineup on Thursday and Friday (see below).

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