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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Game 157: Phillies cut magic number to 1 (91-66)

The Phillies won tonight behind two big homers and two innings pitched by Ryan Madson. Pedro Feliz had a grand slam and Jayson Werth tacked on a 2 run homer. I don't understand why Manuel flipped Ibanez and Werth again, it doesn't make sense for many reasons.

Manuel let Happ go 5.2 before pulling him to allow Moyer to pitch to Miguel Tejada with the Phils up by 3. I was basically neutral about the move (Moyer could be good change of speed after a normal starter, but Moyer isn't my favorite bullpen arm). Moyer could only go 1.1 IP after he pulled his groin on the last pitch he threw that was hit 400 ft to just about dead CF. Victorino made the catch.

Manuel let Madson go 2 innings after he only threw 9 pitches in the 8th inning. Through 2 IP, Madson threw 22/27 pitches for strikes. He didn't allow any runs, and secured an important win for the team.

One area of concern I have besides the bullpen is that Chase Utley's BA/OBP has been dipping recently. He will be very important come playoff time. The Phillies are almost a lock to clinch now as they would have to lose every game in combination with the Braves winning out. I like the odds.

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