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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Game 145: Phils sweep Nationals, who score 3 runs in 3 games (85-60)

The Phillies defeated the Nationals tonight, 4-2, as Cole Hamels pitched 8 innings while allowing only one run. He allowed zero baserunners through 5 innings. The Nationals mustered only 3 runs for the entire series, and two of those runs were scored in 9th innings. When the Phils faced San Francisco a week or two ago, they scored 3 runs in 3 games and managed to win the series. The Nationals, on the other hand, were not so lucky.

Brad Lidge earned the save tonight. He entered into a 3-run lead and allowed one run. I fully support Manuel using Lidge in 3-run games: they are not high-leverage situations; in fact, they are the perfect opportunities to allow a struggling closer to get some work.

The Phils' starting pitching has made our job easy. Once again, there are no complaints for the manager tonight. Jayson Werth batted 5th, which is fantastic, but he did not bat ahead of Raul Ibanez. Ben Francisco started in left field while Ibanez received a night off. Manuel receives no credit for moving Werth ahead in the lineup until he consistently bats Ibanez (OBP: .345) behind Werth (.372).

The Phils open a 3-game weekend set tomorrow at Atlanta as LHP J.A. Happ makes his first start in over two weeks against RHP Tim Hudson.

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joan said...

charlie what are you thinking.the lead was not big enough to put brad lidge in.