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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Game 144: Big Joe beats embarrassing Nats (84-60)

The Phils took the 2nd game of the series vs. an embarrassing Nationals team. All year long the team from D.C. have been excruciatingly painful to watch outside of the batter's box. Their fielding is atrocious, their base running is poor, and I'm glad the Phillies got to play them as frequently as they have.

The Phillies only managed 9 base runners in 6 innings of work against Livan Hernandez, which is only average vs. him. Jayson Werth mashed a grand slam to give the Phils a comfortable lead of 6-0. I don't understand why Manuel trotted Park, Madson, and Walker (he has pitched well for the team this year) out there. a 6 run lead is pretty safe, and there should be a boatload of arms in the pen he could just toss in there. Using Park isn't a big deal, but he got hurt. I don't understand why Madson was used, and Walker is whatever. Madson hadn't pitched recently, but who knows when he'll need to be called on in the future.

That guy with the lower OBP batted in front of the guy with the higher OBP again tonight. I'm not positive which side of the plate they stand on, but I'm sure Manuel gets it.

I would like to see this team get at least 95 wins on the season (11-7 the rest of the way). Just thought I'd throw that out there. Also, whoever Charlie decides should be closer come October (should he choose non-committee) should probably start being used in that role soon. Some people think Pedro should be a closer. I might agree if Happ is healthy. If not, he should definitely be in the rotation with his sweet, sweet changeup.

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