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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Game 137: Madson saves another one (79-58)

The Phils beat the Nats again tonight, 6-5, as Ryan Madson saved his second game in as many days. It's good to see that Manuel went to Madson instead of Brad Lidge for the 9th inning, but the bottom of the 8th inning featured some questionable moves by the manager.

Manuel allowed Cliff Lee to start the 8th inning against RHBs Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Willingham, both of whom have significantly better stats against lefties than righties. Zimmerman reached base on an error, and Willingham doubled. Then, Manuel decided Lee was done. If he had such a short leash, then Manuel certainly should have went to Chan Ho Park or even Madson to begin the inning -- especially considering Zimmerman's and Willingham's career splits. Once the Nats got second and third with nobody out (and the Phils holding a 6-4 lead), Manuel should have chosen Madson instead of Park as his pitcher. Madson is more likely than Park to get both a groundball and a strikeout, and since the tying run was on second with nobody out, you have to use your best pitcher even if that pitcher is your "closer." I'd rather see Madson strand those baserunners, and take my chance with Park in the 9th inning with nobody on and nobody out. Park allowed one of the inherited baserunners to score, but Madson shut down the ninth inning for the save. Manuel should have used his best pitcher in the most threatening spot in the game.

Tomorrow at 7:05 pm, Big Joe Blanton faces RHP Livan Hernandez as the Phils look for the sweep.

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