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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Game 134: Phils lose third straight to 'Stros (77-57)

The Phils lost again today. The team struggled to hit rookie pitcher Bud Norris. Questionably, the Phillies powerful lineup tends to struggle against unproven, never before seen pitchers. I would like to think that with the talent this team has that they might be able to just get the job done in certain instances. However, aside from three solo home runs, the team was pretty futile at the plate today. Hamels wasn't as sharp as in his last couple starts, but it didn't help that the Astros got lucky again today with some weak hits.

I am a firm believer that strikeouts aren't devastatingly worse than other outs, but when grouped together as the Phillies tend to do, they probably are slightly more harmful. I might just be a frustrated fan, but tonight on Sunday Night Baseball, I saw Manny Ramirez take a healthy hack at a strike one pitch. He then watched a called second strike, and followed that up with a changed approach from his strike one swing and drove a ball into right center for a single. The Phillies (minus Utley) always seem to be swinging for the fences. Ibanez, Feliz, Werth, and Ruiz occassionally shorten up and try to hit the ball to the opposite field. Howard spreads the ball around, and I don't really include him in this discussion. It's frustrating to see the Phillies struggles while other teams seem to accept the singles approach. Everyone on the Phillies team could benefit from a more frequent change of approach at the plate.

J.A. Happ looks to save some face down south tomorrow vs. Brian Moehler

P.S. Three consecutive lefties probably cost Jayson Werth a PA vs a LHP, but he hit a homer anyway.

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