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Saturday, August 15, 2009

People are the worst

The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an excerpt from the blog Fightin Phillies earlier this week. The link is to the specific post. To get the full effect, I recommend you briefly (to avoid dumbing down) read some other posts. I emailed the author, and he has not responded, but somewhat retaliated in the post following Pedro's first start. Here's the email I sent. It applies to the topic that I wanted to address on this site, and I was waiting for a down time (I will be joining Mr. Musser on a vacation until Sunday). This email is someone long(?), but I think it's quality work.

I wasn't going to post his until he decided not to respond so we could discuss.

Rich (?),

I am writing you this morning because I have been led to your blog by the "highlight" used in the Inquirer. I too write a Phillies blog (, so naturally I am drawn to this section. I could not disagree more with what you have to say; however, instead of responding in the state of disbelief I felt upon reading your excerpt, I am going to try and make my points rationally hoping for a response from you.

You defend Moyer quite strongly. It is somewhat understandable. He's a lovable older athlete who performed well for our World Championship Phillies last year. I also thought it was very, VERY ironic that you followed that post with a post about removing Lidge from the closer's role. According to you, "Moyer's $8 Million dollars should not be moved to the bullpen." Following that same mindset, shouldn't Lidge's $12 Million be left alone? For the record, I too think they need to find a new closer. I'm just pointing out your contradicting stances.

Now, to the main points. Like I said, you kind of have me heated, so I hope you don't take any of this the wrong way. You brought up some stats in your post, and I think it's safe to say that you do not understand important stats, or you're just so blinded by your love for Moyer you are disregarding them.

You mention Moyer's Ws. Pitchers' Ws are probably the worst statistics anyone can mention when discussing pitchers. Yes, Wins are the goal of the team, but it is not fair to judge a pitcher with a statistic that LARGELY depends on how one's offense performs. Before I bring up the real statistics behind this argument, I want to give you an example. A pitcher could throw for 9 innings and give up only one run (or two or 3. All VERY good performances), but if his offense doesn't score (or manages 1 or 2 runs), he gets the loss. The pitcher performed extremely well, and doesn't get a W.

Likewise, on July 9th of this season, Jamie Moyer went 5 innings. He allowed 6 ERs, and received a W because his team scored more runs. Something is VERY, VERY wrong with that statistic. His ERA in that game was 10.80.

In games that Jamie Moyer has "Won" this season, the offense has scored an average of 7.5 runs. It's pretty hard to lose games when your offense is scoring that many runs.

Adam Eaton had 10 Ws in 2007 while pitching TERRIBLY. His whip was 1.627. That's an average of 1.627 runners/ IP. Insane.

Kyle Kendrick had 11 Ws last season while having a WHIP of 1.612. Awful. Among starters who pitched 140 innings last season, he had the highest run support. The offense was the reason he won so many games. He did not pitch well enough to truly earn many of his wins.

Last season, Moyer out-won Hamels. Hamels won 14, Moyer 16. Can you honestly tell me that last season (or this season, or ANY GAME EVER) that you would rather have Moyer pitch than Hamels? Not if you're sane. Last year Hamels was one of the best pitchers in baseball. His WHIP was 1.082. Moyer's was mediocre 1.329.

Even this year, with Hamels pitching inconsistantly, he has an average WHIP of 1.332. Moyer's is terrible at 1.508.

Hamels should never be bumped instead of Moyer, even at his worst, Hamels is A LOT better.

Pedro is washed up? How do you know? He could have simply been injured in NY and possibly depressed after the loss of his father. It's highly improbable that he pitches worse than Moyer. It's hard to do that bad. You say that Pedro Martinez hasn't earned a spot to try and pitch somewhere?

Pedro is one of the best pitchers in MLB history. He was formerly one of the most dominant pitchers in his era. His career WHIP (including those awful years with NYM) is 1.051 ! He has won the CYA 3 times! All you need to do is go to and type in Pedro Martinez (then click on the correct link) and look at his stats, and all the space filled in the "Award" column. Then, go to Moyer's page and see he was only mentioned for the CYA 3 times. He was never dominant. Simply an average MLB pitcher who is now 46.

You also mentioned Moyer in the same sentence as Tim Lincecum, a hopeful(?) comparison. Never could the two be compared. He has given up 5 ER once this season, 4 ER twice, never more. He has received a ND in a start where he gave up 0 ER in 8 IP. Another great example why that stat is awful. 2 times he has received a ND with 1 ER in 7 IP. ND 2 ER 6.1 IP.

I know this was long, but I hope you took the time to read it. I enjoy discussing baseball. It's a shame that Moyer hasn't performed well enough to stay in the rotation. However, it's what's best for the team.

Thanks for your time
"Scott Graham"

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