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Monday, August 3, 2009

If the Phillies feel compelled to start Pedro....

They MUST NOT under any circumstances use him to replace Happ. Unless, Happ falls off a cliff and either cannot pitch or becomes injured. J.A. Happ has done an exceptional job in the Phillies rotation. Happ's WHIP this season is 1.160. Moyer's? 1.447. He's done a pretty bad job except against the teams that he historically owns. Moyer has gotten tremendous run support from the team in his outtings allowing him to compile the "impressive" Ws.

Most of the Philly sports reporters are currently saying that the assumption is that Pedro would replace Happ. As I've stated, this must be avoided at all cost. The logic is that, "you can't throw an 81 MPH fastball out of the bullpen." If you can throw it as a starter, you can throw it from the pen. It's easier to be a reliever than a starter. Anyway, if Kyle Kendrick can relieve, Jamie Moyer can relieve. This will become pretty simple once the 40 man roster comes into play. Happ NEEDS to be a starter. For all I care, the Phils could cut or DL Moyer. However, this won't happen.

A spin on this situation that I really like (I might be the first person to suggest it): Why not split Moyer and Pedro in a single game? Start one, have him pitch for 3-4 innings (or shorter/longer based on performance), and have the other come in and pitch. This way, the opposition won't get repeated looks at either, and might never get settled in against either.

Replacing Happ would be a detriment to the team. The Phillies signed Pedro, something a LOT of people looked down upon. They didn't acquire Halladay (whom many people wanted), definitely the better starter when compared to Lee. So who cares if people like Moyer? This move will be for the good of the team.


Anonymous said...

what about going 6 man rotation till the playoffs and saving the bullpen then dropping pedro/moyer off the playoff roster

Scott Graham said...

I'm not really sure if that would be a good idea. Pitchers are finicky people. They rely on their 4 rest days in between starts, and some pitchers even do worse when given more rest.

More importantly, Lee, Hamels, Blanton, and Happ will all receive fewer starts than they should receive if this happens. I don't think we want Moyer eating up their innings let alone even being allowed to have his own innings.

If and when they go to the playoffs, at most they will use 4 starters. So with your 6 starter plan, 2 pitchers would need to be dropped from the rotation. Moyer got lucky last year. He has gotten insane run support this year, and shame on him for turning down a one year deal. Shame on the Phillies for offering him a two year deal. I really wish that he would just see that he's hurting this team, and volunteer to sit out (DL or become a coach or some garbage).