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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Game 123: Lidge unsurprisingly blows save in 4th straight outing (72-51)

The Phillies lost by a score of 6-4 tonight to the Pittsburgh Pirates despite a furious 9th inning comeback. They were leading by a score of 4-3 heading into the bottom of the 9th when Brad Lidge entered the game in the save situation. Three batters later, the score was 6-4 after two singles and a walk-off home run.

I wrote yesterday that it was stupid to use Lidge in the 9th inning of a 6-2 game against the Mets. It was his third straight appearance, and it's counterproductive to tax your closer in blowouts. Unfortunately, they needed a save in tonight's game, and Manuel blindly went to his closer despite this being his fourth game in four days: a rarity for Lidge. It is impossible to tell whether Lidge's struggles tonight were a direct result of his recent overuse, but it certainly did not help at all. Manuel will receive no blame for tonight's game, as he shouldnt: the problem was yesterday against the Mets. In a 6-2 game, you do not use your closer for a third straight time when there is no off-day the following game. Relievers are almost always unavailable after pitching three straight games, and tonight's performance by Lidge is an excellent reason why.

The Phils try to recover from tonight's disaster tomorrow night at 7:05 pm when LHP Cole Hamels faces LHP Paul Maholm.

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Anonymous said...

Using him monday not only makes him less effective on Tuesday, but unavailable on Wednesday.

It would have helped if Lidge wasn't given HALF the bullpens innings over the last two games.