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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Game 117: Lee throws another CG (68-49)

Cliff Lee dominated yet again in the Phillies win tonight. Manuel seems like he will stick with Werth splitting up Howard and Ibanez (probably just due to the fact that Ibanez has cooled off).

Utley had a 2-run home run to give the Phils the only runs they needed. Howard tacked on three more with a homer, and Werth followed him up immediately and a few innings later with homers of his own.

Cliff Lee has been an ace since coming to the Phillies. Just dominant.

Chuck Meriwether was the HP ump tonight, and he was really awful with balls/strikes. I think I saw him flipping a coin at one point. Back-to-back identical pitches to Utley were called ball and strike. Cliff Lee struck out Augie Ojeda to end the 6th inning on a cutter that may or may not have been caught on the paint. The cutter from Lee starts left and works back right. If it is slightly over the black when the catcher receives it, that means it went around the plate. Ojeda correctly argued. Then, Snyder was called out on a pitch that looked low, and despite the side view, I truly believe was low. He too argued. Just an awful game.

This is the 2nd time this season that the Phillies chased ace Dan Haren from a game early. Hats off to the offense.

This just in: Jamie Moyer will be splitting starts with Cliff Lee the rest of the year. I mean they are of equal caliber considering their win totals right?


Anonymous said...

Moyer would have 12 wins if he pitched instead of Pedro at Wrigley, so he should just replace Cliff Lee.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the recent article on where Manuel actually admitted that having three lefties in a row was a liability late in games?

Scott Graham said...

Anonymous 1- Good eye

Anonymous 2- I try to avoid a lot of the garbage that's written by people who are hired because they are educated in writing, and not so much in sports. My question to that is: If he knows this is a liability (I assume this isn't new knowledge), then why does he not always split the lefties up.