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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Game 116: Jamie Moyer gets his 11th win!!! (67-49)

The Phillies (and Jamie Moyer!!!) won tonight despite a rain delay knocking Pedro out after 3 innings. After allowing a weak home run to the lead off hitter, Pedro looked good yet again. He worked his way out of trouble in the first inning, and then threw very few pitches in the next two innings.

Manuel again went with Jayson Werth batting fifth. A very good sign. Jayson Werth's OBP is .367, and Ibanez's is .353. Werth and Ruiz had notable games at the plate tonight including a home run a piece.

After the rain delay, Moyer came out and went the rest of the way. This is the typical lineup that Moyer usually does well against, don't be fooled. However, the tremendous job he did should not go unnoticed. He saved the arms of the rest of the bullpen, and only allowed two hits. I'm not saying this because he did well last night, but I think Moyer could be successful in the bullpen. Think about it. The offense prepares all day for Cliff Lee, Happ, Hamels, Blanton, or Pedro's 87-93 MPH fastballs. The opposition faces the Phillies starter 2-3 times (hopefully), and then would have to adjust in one AB to the serious decline in speed. I could just be thinking wishfully, but maybe if the offense is preparing for one thing and then the "crafty" lefty makes his way to the mound, he could easily have people off balance.

Two solid pitchers get the start tonight as Cliff Lee faces off against Dan Haren.

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