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Monday, August 17, 2009

Game 115: Howard and Happ lead Phils to series win over Braves (66-49)

The Phillies won another series last night after a lengthy rain delay pushed back the start of the game. Manuel again placed Werth between Howard and Ibanez.

The Phillies only amassed 7 hits, but did get robbed on two hard hit line drives. Utley lined into a double play (L6-U), and Werth lined into a double play (L4-6) on smashes. Werth took an outside pitch to the right side, and the fielders were playing in a strange pull allowing them to turn the double play on a ball hit slightly to the right of second.

While J.A. Happ looked solid again, he did record outs on hard hit balls. He also walked 6 batters. The last two outings it seems like the opposition was hitting him better. Despite these hard hit balls and free passes, Happ still has looked very confident in working his way out of trouble. Good stuff.

I liked to see Manuel use Eyre while up 3 runs to try and get the save with 3 lefties due up. I think this should be the strategy from here on out. Lidge has falter for too long, and Manuel should use matchups (not lobbying for Eyre permanently) to decide who will pitch. Closer by committee unless Madson can become closer, or Myers (wishful), or Eric Bruntlett (he must be able to do something useful).


Anonymous said...

grow a beard and score on 30 foot singles from woo wee

Anonymous said...

How long until he is gone. There has to be someone out there that is better than him. I'd rather see Cole pinch hit before him.