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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Game 114: Phils strand runners, Lidge implodes again (65-49)

The Phillies blew a lead in the 9th yesterday. Much of the fault in the game should belong to the fact that the Phillies stranded runners all day. A few times, runners were stranded on third. Also, a key baserunning mistake cost the Phillies a probable run had everything panned out the same.

Feliz was stranded on third after hitting a 0 out triple with Ibanez on 2nd. Ruiz, Hamels, and Rollins standed him there. Werth led off the 7th with a home run. Ibanez followed that up with a double, but he then ran into an out at third base. Feliz grounded back to the pitcher (slightly to the 1st base side of the mound. Ibanez needs to make sure the ball gets by before he runs. He cannot make the first out at third base. Ruiz then doubled which "would" have scored Ibanez from either second or third. Utley, Howard, and Ibanez then stranded Victorino who got to third with 0 outs.

It all fell apart in the 9th when Utley couldn't field a ball he usually gets. Then Lidge bobbled a bunt and threw it away (should have held onto it). In my opinion, once the runner gets to third with the game tied, they should have loaded the bases for a force at any base. Even with the steps they took, walking one man making it first and third, I thought they should have played the corners up and the middle to turn two. Infante is fast, but playing up almost ensures a hit with any hard hit ball.

Manuel did split up Howard and Ibanez. Thumbs up.

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