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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Game 113: Utley, Howard power Phils past Braves (65-48)

The Phillies outlasted Jair Jurrjens tonight on their way to a 3-2 win. Joe Blanton and Jurrjens each went 7 innings and allowed 2 ERs tonight. Chase Utley had a 2-run homer early on to give the Phils a 2-1 lead, and Howard hit a go-ahead homer in the 9th to seal the Phillies victory.

The three consecutive lefties is a very egregious error in this series. The Braves have 3 lefties in their bullpen. It is very important that Manuel placed Werth in the middle. I would prefer to have him between Utley and Howard because Howard has the biggest difference in splits. Should Werth split up Howard and Ibanez, the Braves can bring in a lefty to face Utley and Howard, and then bring in a righty for the next two. Manuel should try to get Howard to face a RHP.

Madson threw 6 pitches to get through the 8th, and Lidge wriggled out of danger to get the save.

Not much to say. Rollins saw 7 pitches in 4 trips to the plate. He sacrificed in his third (2 pitches). Basically, he saw 5 pitches in 3 PA. Laughable.

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