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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Game 112: Cliff Lee helps Phils complete sweep (64-48)

The Phillies beat the Cubs today 6-1. Cliff Lee did it again, pitching 8 innings while only allowing 9 base runners. Manuel sat Ibanez today (possibly to rest his previously injured groin), and chose not to start Dobbs at third instead of Feliz. Ryan Dempster's career splits are pretty awful vs. LHB, so the decision to start more righties doesn't really make sense. OK, rest Ibanez, but if he's not playing, Dobbs should.

Despite going again the odds with the RHB Feliz, Pedro had 3 hits including 1 HR. A pretty good game from Feliz.

Cliff Lee kind of relieved any possibility of talking about Manuel's pitching moves today. Normally I wouldn't like using Madson up 5 runs, and today was no different. However, I guess it's alright since he has pitched sparingly in the last few weeks.

This weekend's series vs. the Braves is very important. The Phillies could separate themselves from one of the division rival, and of course we know how much better the team plays away from home (for whatever reason).

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