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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Game 109: Ed Rapuano, Joe West, Paul Nauert, and Marlins complete sweep of Phils (61-48)

Congratulations to the stars of this weekend, the umpires. The Phillies lost again today in an OK outing by Jamie Moyer. Moyer went 5 innings and allowed three runs, all in the 5th inning. The Phillies scored only one run prior to the departure of Moyer (somewhat expected vs. Josh Johnson).

Not much to talk about with Charlie as a decision maker today. He gave Werth the day off. If your starter can only go 5 innings, you need to scrap it together to get through a couple of innings, especially when down. Tyler Walker threw 10 pitches in one inning of work, and possible could have gone another. Lopez stunk. Lidge gave up 3 runs in 1 inning (not encouraging).

Now to the real important part of a baseball game, the big time umpires. Ryan Howard was called out on a pitch at his shins. The Phils had 1st and 3rd, and were only down 3-1 at the time. The game was obviously still in reach. Howard showed his displeasure with HP umpire Ed Rapuano. Charlie Manuel did not get ejected (first problem). The next inning led off with Shane Victorino raising his arms in disbelief at a pitch that Rodrigo Lopez threw that was called a ball. Ed Rapuano made himself a big part of the game, and ejected Vic from homeplate. Rapuano is such a big, tough, important feature of the games that he umpires. I'm glad he is so damn tough.

Victorino charges in from CF ready to get in the face of the jerk who tossed him, and needed to be restrained by Paul Bako, Ryan Howard, Charlie Manuel, and everyone else on the team. It still was almost not enough. Manuel again did not get ejected. He should have been furious when his team got robbed of a decent scoring chance. He should have been furious when his CF got tossed, while standing in his position, by the pompous homeplate umpire. When a manager argues a call he often puts it in the umpires mind that he messed up, and owes him a call (see: Sunday afternoon game last season vs Blue Jays. Howard strikes out looking at a pitch right down the middle. Manuel argues. Burrell comes up and watches strike 3 down the middle called a ball. He then homers off B.J. Ryan.)

The umpires needed to be mentioned in all three games this weekend. This crew is considered by many to be the best in the game. I don't remember the last time I bought tickets to go see umpires. Stand in your spot. Watch the game with the utmost attention. Make the calls. No need for grandstanding or making yourself seen. It is your job to be good. You are failing miserably.

I have many complaints about our hitters. If they continue I will digress. For now, Rollins and Victorino saw a total of 22 pitches in 7 PAs today. thats 3.143 P/PA. Last night they saw 36 pitches in 10 PAs. That's 3.6 P/PA. Friday Rollins and Victorino saw a total of 14 P in 5 PA. that's 2.8 P/PA. For the weekend, our two speedsters who don't really have power (Rollins likes to think he does) saw an average of 3.27 P/PA. Very unacceptable. Ryan Howard used to walk a lot. His OBP in his first two full seasons was insane. The last couple of years he's turning BBs into Ks on pitches that never threaten the strike zone out of the pitcher's hand. Only part of the problem.

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