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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Game 108: Phils bats silent in 2nd game of series (61-47)

The Phillies lost against tonight. Manuel split up the lefties tonight by flip-flopping Werth and Ibanez. If only he left it like this permanently. Not much else to discuss in terms of managerial decisions tonight.

Hamels gave up a lead off home run to Chris Coghlan. He gave up another run in the 3rd when the bases were loaded and Chase Utley played a ball on a hop rather than catching it in the air (I'm not sure, but I think he could have caught it). He does this frequently in an attempt to turn a shrewd double play. He had to play the hard hit ball on a short hop and mishandled it leading to only one out at 2nd. Had he caught it, the bases would have remained loaded, and no immediate runs would have scored. Hamels looked pretty good tonight aside from the home runs he gave up. Ross hit a 2 run homer off him in the 6th when Hamels missed his spot.

The Phillies 3rd run scored as a result of Nick Johnson pulling a Luis Castillo with 2 outs in the bottom of the 3rd inning.

Park gave up 2 runs in his 2 IP tonight. He pitched a scoreless first inning and then got the first two outs of the next inning before allowing 4 singles. The inning could have gone longer had Werth not thrown Hermida out at third. Kendrick pitched the 9th.

The Phillies started things off well in the bottom of the 9th. Victorino hit a standup triple to lead it off. Then Utley bounced one up the first base line, and it was called fair despite that fact that it looked foul. Victorino scored but Utley was called out at first. Had it been called correctly, maybe he makes an out scoring Victorino again. Maybe he hits a single scoring the run. Maybe he strikes out. If he gets to first, Howard's hit (assuming all things the same) probably gets to right field moving Utley to third. Johnson would be holding Utley on, and the ball would have gone in the hole. No certainties besides the umpire stinking. Werth smoked a ball, but Coghlan was playing on the warning track and it was caught.
Dissapointing game, and I think the Phillies got pretty unlucky in the 9th although they shouldn't count on winning a game that late. However, they should be permitted to by the umpires if the mood may strike.

Hopefully Moyer continues his dominance of the Marlins tomorrow.

Ex post facto: I don't know how I forgot to mention this, but 3/4 of the umpiring crew got under my skin tonight. Third base ump Paul Nauert (HP ump from yesterday) said Cole Hamels did not check his swing when it seemed like he did. Of course, Comcast shows no replay. Homeplate umpire Joe West had a VERY inconsistant strike zone tonight. This comes one night after Chris Wheeler praises West as having the best sense of said zone in MLB. Yet another example of Chris Wheeler's oblivion/terrible commentary. God forbid anyone says anything to "Cowboy" West, lest they be tossed from the game (makes himself bigger than the game). Simply brutal.

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