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Friday, August 7, 2009

Game 107: Phils lose in pitcher's duel (61-46)

The Phillies lost tonight on Harry Kalas's Wall of Fame induction night. Blanton started out the game kind of slow allowing 3 runs in the first 2 innings. He settled down after that, but Ricky Nolasco pitched well and received a good amount of help from the home plate umpire. Some of the calls made by Paul Nauert were simply embarassing. Quite a few of them were ball/strike calls that went against the Phillies. We did get one back (in my opinion) on the play that ended the top of the 7th inning. I feel pretty confident that this call was wrong. As I'm typing this, Post Game Live just showed the replay, and Chris Coghlan touched the plate before Ruiz actually made the tag. The Phillies technically got a run back, but still couldn't overcome the early deficit. Francisco followed up the outfield assist with a 2-run homer in the next half inning.

I liked that Manuel used Ryan Madson tonight for 1.1 innings. I also liked the move to go with Scott Eyre due to the matchups (4 consecutive lefties). However, Eyre isn't the best pitcher in the world. The Phillies got a bad break as Eyre worked hard for a strikeout, but Carlos Ruiz could not corral the ball in the dirt. Very unusual. I still think he could have made the throw, he had plenty of time because the batter did not bust it out of the box. Even more, Coghlan left the "running lane" as he approached the bag which could have aided the Phillies. Hat's off to Tyler Walker coming in to strike out Hanley Ramirez with the bases loaded. No harm done.

Tough loss on a tough night at the Bank. Hopefully Hamels can turn it around tomorrow.

I'm getting really sick of umpires missing ridiculous amounts of calls everynight. This probably sounds ridiculous, but it is their job. If you're too old to see or pay attention, then you probably shouldn't have a job that relies on a keen eye. I have played organized baseball from the time I was 4 through the present. I have always found the best/most consistantly correct umpires to be the younger crowd. Also, older umpires tend to have an air of smugness that I cannot really comprehend, and MLB has a large share of "impact umpires" that need to be known. I am not at all opposed to setting up a laser strike zone that adjusts to each hitter's individual strike zone. The MLB rulebook states that the strike zone is the width of homeplate, and from the batter's knees to the midpoint between the waist and the tops of the shoulders. I wish it was enforced as such, but I digress.


Anonymous said...

many things to comment about this game.

you dont speak much of the use of tyler walker tonight. down one with the bases loaded and we go to tyler walker? i was furious with this decision. how do u call upon tyler walker in a close game with the second place team in the division (forget the number of games the phils have on the marlins they are still second place) and we go with TYLER WALKER with two outs in the 9th against the marlins best player? he got lucky guys.

i completely agree with the tirade about the umpires. i even said tonight that if the quality of umpires was applied to any other profession in america (i used the analogy of bus drivers) that there would be great public outcry. umpires, especially old one who used old school mentalities ("ball beat the runner despite the tag" and the like) are the worst of human kind. i too have played organized baseball and was in fact ejected from a game this past season by an umpire who followed this school of thought. its a joke. there comes a point when the umpires make themselves bigger than the game and at that point they have gone too far. ben francisco struck out in the bottom of the 9th because he had to swing at a ball out of the strikezone because the first two "strikes" called on him were out of the strikezone. i dont get how the strikezone can be defined in the rule book used by every baseball league yet can vary so much depending on homeplate umpire.

Scott Graham said...

I'm not sure who you want to pitch.
Ryan Madson was already used. Chan Ho already pitched. I hope you're not asking for Kyle Kendrick to pitch.

Tyler Walker has done a pretty good job for the Phillies this year. He has a 1.163 WHIP, and has an OBP against of .273 vs RHBs. Even his career splits vs RHBs aren't that bad. He allows RHBs to reach base at a .318 clip for his career.

Bradley Thomas Lidge has allowed RHBs to reach base 34.4% of the time this season, and has a slugging against of .531. Taking into account all these things, I like the use of Tyler Walker.

Not to just try and combat you, but I have said to myself a few times this year that Tyler Walker isn't the worst guy to have in your bullpen when your usual guys are hurt.