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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Game 102: Lincecum shuts down Phillies (59-43)

I wish I could complain about Shane Victorino's absence from the starting lineup last night, because the Phillies greatly missed his presence. The Phillies lost 2-0 to the Giants, but both runs were scored on sacrifice flies. The first sac fly went to right-fielder Matt Stairs, who was unable to throw out Aaron Rowand at the plate from short-right field. Had Victorino started in the game, Jayson Werth would probably have played right field, and he certainly would have unleashed a better throw to home plate. Alas, Victorino was not in the lineup because of his knee contusion, and the Phils' defense suffered accordingly.

Either way, the Phils scored zero runs against a great pitcher, and it's tough to win without any offense. I can't blame the manager for the lack of runs, but it is a shame to see such a good start by Joe Blanton wasted.

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