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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Game 92: Winning streak snapped (53-39)

The Phils lost today in a poor start by Moyer. He has been very inconsistent recently. He pitched very well against the Marlins, and quite poorly today allowing 11 runners in 5 innings. Moyer seems to have his teams that he owns (aggressive, young hitters), and teams that he doesn't fair well against (the rest).

I thought Manuel could have started Dobbs at third today, and started Ibanez. Zambrano is considerably worse against LHBs than he is against RHBs. If the reason for the non-start of Ibanez is because of his previous injury, then it's not so bad. If it's because he was a pat of the AS game festivities (and still received 2 off days), it's not acceptable. Zambrano is a beast and Moyer is not. The Phils were probably going to need all the help they could get today.

Durbin walks alot of people. He has been showing his true colors for the majority of this year and even toward the end of last season. It seems like most people in Philly were sucked in by the great first half he had last season. I'm not sure where/when Andy and I talked about this last year on this site, but I am sure that we must have. We talked about it frequently in person, and I think we must have done it on here. He's not a good pitcher. His career WHIP is 1.518.

I don't like Manuel's using Lidge today. What a waste. Not a save. We know how he has performed since coming here when it's not his time to shine. Even recently he has sucked in save situations. Why set him up for failure?

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