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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Game 91: Phils prevail in pitching duel to win 10th straight (53-38)

The Phillies won in 13 innings tonight. Both Joe Blanton and Rich Harden pitched well and lasted 7 innings. Blanton walked no Cubs (pretty solid).

Manuel again used the three lefties in a row. The Cubs only have one lefty in the bullpen, so this decision isn't as egregious as usual. Still, the Phillies could have had Werth face the one lefty in extra innings had they used him to break up the lefties. As it stood, Marshall was able to come in to face Utley, Howard, and Ibanez. Heilman was needed to come in and get Werth out. Also, the game could have ended one batter sooner had Werth batted before Ibanez (ha).

Manuel's decision to have Feliz bunt in the 7th inning in order to get Werth from 1st to 2nd with 0 outs reduced his team's run expectancy. I understand Harden was owning our batters tonight, and they intended on using Dobbs to hit for Blanton two batters later, but it's a pretty weak strategy relying on Ruiz and a possible PH if he can even get the runner over.

I also thought Madson could have been used in the 9th after only using 8 pitches to get through the 8th. It wasn't a "save situation", and Manuel used Lidge, but I really think Madson could have continued.

Hats off to the Phillies bullpen tonight. Park has performed A LOT better as a reliever than as a starter, you know, the role the Phillies signed him to fill. It's a shame they wasted as many starts as they did on him. Also, Kudos to Werth who was 2-3 with 3 walks tonight and of course, the walkoff in the 13th.

Moyer vs Zambrano tomorrow afternoon

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