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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Game 88: Phils beat the odds to win in extras (50-38)

The Phillies won tonight despite the Marlins getting a little bit of a break tonight by having the rain delay in the 6th inning. Hamels was cruising along with 5 Ks and only 68 pitches through 5 innings. On that pace, Hamels can probably go at least 7 innings. However, after returning from the rain delay, Hamels and Ibanez were removed, and the bullpen was needed to go the rest of the way.

Park went two innings allowing 1 run. After that, I really liked how some of Manuel's moves went. Manuel started the 8th with Madson on the ground, and then went to Romero to face Jeremy Hermida. Things are looking promising because once Romero walked the lefty, Wes Helms was used to PH. At this point, I would have probably gone with Brad Lidge for the 4 out save. However, Durbin was brought in, and Helms singled tying the game.

In the top of the 9th, Ruiz was hit by a pitch, Dobbs followed with a single that sent Ruiz to third. Then, all four umpires missed a balk that would have given the Phillies a lead. Rollins saw it, a lot of people saw it except the 4 men whose job it is to see it. What a joke. No runs followed, and the game went to extras.

Eyre pitched the 10th against the majority of the lefties in the Marlins lineup. Condrey pitched a 1-2-3 11th.

In the top of the 12th, Rollins led off with a single. Victorino bunted him over, and Utley knocked him in. Werth then tacked on another run with an RBI single.

In my opinion, the Marlins are a dumb, dumb team. Earlier in the game, with two outs and men on 1st and 3rd, Bonifacio bunted into an out to end the inning. He was bunting for a hit; however, Feliz anticipated this and was playing on the grass. The Marlins also managed to make two dumb decisions in the 12th. With Rollins on 2nd, the Marlins elected to pitch to Utley over Howard. Utley is much more dangerous in this situation than Howard. He is a better all around hitter, and strikes out far less than Howard. Utley knocked in the run. Later in the inning, Bako was due up with a man on 2nd, and he was intentionally walked to bring up Jayson Werth. I understand wanting to make a R/R matchup, but Werth is a much more dangerous hitter than Bako.

Marlins stink. Phils win despite Lidge still pitching below average. 7 straight.

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