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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Game 86: Phils sweep Pirates going into the break (48-38)

The Phillies won today behind a big first inning and another strong performance by J.A. Happ. The Phillies scored all their runs in the first inning with walks, singles, infield singles, sac flies, and a grand slam.

That was the extent of the scoring for the Phillies.

Madson pitched the 8th. Romero pitched the 9th.

The Phillies go into the break 10 games over .500. At this point last year, the Phils were 8 games over, and 10 games deeper into the season.

This break should be good for the pitching staff, good for Raul Ibanez, and hopefully we acquire some quality pitchers over the break. For a short answer, I hope the Phillies get Roy Halladay (sans giving up anyone on the ML roster). The Blue Jays want prospects. While the Phils have a wealth of minor league prospects, that's all they are right now. You know Roy Halladay. You don't know how prospects will project and grow at the ML level. Win when you can. I'm also OK if the Phillies sign Pedro, so long that the price is right. I hope to delve into this over the break.

Good "first half". I wish the team didn't go through as terrible a stretch as they did. The Phils could have pulled away big time.

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Anonymous said...

Adding Halladay would be good for any staff over a break.