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Friday, July 10, 2009

Game 84: Brilliant!! (46-38)

The Phils won tonight behind big Joe. Joe Blanton had yet another solid start. He went 7.1 IP while allowing just one run on a few scattered hits.

The offense was pretty sluggish tonight facing opposing lefty Zach Duke.

No one can guess just how happy I was tonight when Romero trotted back out there to start the 9th vs Adam LaRoche. I'm okay with Romero's facing a switch hitting righty so long as the switch hitter is worse batting right handed than left handed (Doumit is worse as a righty this year, but his career numbers are close although his sample size is much larger as a LHB), AND Charlie Manuel is going to use his brains and think outside the box like tonight. He could have just tossed Lidge in there since it was the "9th inning and a save situation". Luckily that didn't happen because who knows, Lidge could have given up a leadoff homer to a lefty Philly killer.

Kudos, Charlie on good moves all day. Cheer Werth making the NL Allstar team.

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