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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Game 83: In the words of Wheeler, Phils win 'goofy game' (45-38)

The Phils beat the Reds tonight 9-6, winning the 4-game series. Jamie Moyer pitched poorly, allowing six runs in 5 innings of work. His ERA is now 5.99. Charlie Manuel removed Moyer at the right time, and Chan Ho Park pitched very well in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings. Park, who began the season as a starter (started the season as a beginner?), was used in exactly the type of situation for which he was attained: a multiple-inning relief appearance when the starter does not pitch many innings. Ryan Madson was probably unavailable tonight, so it was certainly appropriate for Manuel to allow Park to pitch the 8th inning. Brad Lidge pitched an uneventful 9th inning for the save.

I do not have any complaints about the lineup tonight. Jimmy Rollins batted leadoff. Despite his low OBP, it's not terrible for him to bat there because of his recent hot streak andRaul Ibanez's injury. However, once he slows down, Manuel should consider batting him 6th since he has a lower season- and career-OBP than Victorino, while also possessing enough power and speed to spark the lower half of the order. Once Ibanez returns, we will more completely analyze the Phillies' lineup.

The Phils have certainly recovered from their awful stretch, and hopefully they can open up a more significant division-lead this weekend heading into the all-star break. They begin a three-game series with Pittsburgh tomorrow night at 7:05 pm when RHP Joe Blanton faces LHP Zach Duke.

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Scott Graham said...

If I'm Chris Dickerson, I just walk off the field after the strike two call on him in the 9th inning tonight. It was really awful. I asked Musser if he had his slingbox up so he could take a picture of it, but he didn't. Damn.

Jamie Moyer got the win tonight. This is THE prime example as to why that statistic is garbage. He went 5 IP and allowed 6 runs. That's an ERA of 10.80. His ERA on the year is 5.99. He is 8-6 on the year. Hamels, who isn't pitching nearly as well as he should, has a mid 4 ERA and a 5-5 record. Tell me how this can possibly be held as an important stat.