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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Game 78: Another good game (41-37)

Another good game all around by the Phillies. Manuel used Dobbs in the OF again instead of Mayberry vs the lefty starter. He made good pitching changes as well. Moyer went 6.1 IP, then Manuel used Durbin to pitch to get one out, then he used Romero to get out a lefty. Madson pitched the 8th, and Lidge pitched the 9th. It's almost as if Manuel understands that Durbin is better vs RHB and Romero is better vs LHB.

Moyer pitched well tonight. Rollins got on base 3 out of 5 times he came up. Victorino had another good night. I think Vic should leadoff, and Rollins should be dropped to 6th. It would take some pressure off of him while he gets back in the game.

Phils go for the sweep tomorrow. They will need to be on point against Johan. Santana vs. Blanton at 1:35.

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