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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pronger, Werth, and a boatload of know-how

On Friday, the Flyers made a deal that would bring defenseman Chris Pronger to town. In return, they shipped out Joffrey Lupul, Luca Sbisa, two first round picks, and a conditional third rounder. Chris Pronger is an exceptional defenseman, but he is getting old, and is only under contract for one more year. This trade could be great for the short term, but I am still very unsure how I feel about it.

While Lupul was an average winger for the Flyers, he was a right-handed stick. Now, I'm sure this isn't as important as it is in baseball, but the Flyers currently only have 5 righties on their entire roster. Where this does play a large part is the necessity to have a right handed shot on the beneficial side of the ice on each line. As you see so often watching the game (and hear Steve Coates talk about it), it is very important in terms of being squared up to the net for a shot. The Flyers righties now are Knuble, Carter, Giroux, Briere, and Asham. They clearly have enough for the first 3 lines to have a winger who is a righty. However, there will possibly be a void in the 2nd/3rd line where Lupul fit in well.

Of larger concern to me is the departure of Luca Sbisa. Still a teen, he showed that he had the necessary skill/smarts to play in the NHL at this early age. Should he progress as expected, he could be an excellent NHL player in the future. I am very disappointed that I will not be able to watch him progress in the orange and black.

If Pronger lives up to his name, the defense will be greatly improved. Pronger, Timonen (arguably one of the best defenders in the game), Coburn, Carle, Jones, and hopefully Parent (not Alberts). A formidable defense.

Everyone who reads this site already knows my feelings for Jayson Werth. He is greatly underrated in my opinion. He possesses very good skills as an all around player. He has power, speed, a good arm, good range, and probably one of my most desired things in a hitter, patience. Jayson Werth currently leads all major leaguers in pitches seen per PA at 4.50, slightly ahead of Kevin Youkilis (the Greek God of Walks) with 4.47. Youkilis bats third on the Boston Red Sox.

People are probably saying, "seriously? He's lauding P/PA?". Yes, I am. It's not like he's not putting up good numbers across the board, because he is. His OPS is currently at .859. What a guy.


Anonymous said...

Luca will be missed. It is a shame that he will not be with the Flyers. I think he will be a great player some day. Although I think they gave up a little too much for Pronger. I think he brings a lot to the team. I don't think the Penguins come back from a 3-0 deficit with this guy on the team. Lets hope it plays out well. Still a question in net though. Lets hope they are able to resign Knubskie. He is one of the few righties.

Craig Mactavish said...

Werth. Really big shoes. Realllly big.

Anonymous said...

2009 philadelphia flyers > 2010 philadelphia flyers


Scott Graham said...

annnnnnnd, Knuble is gone. I'm pretty surprised by that. He always seemed like the type of guy to sacrifice some money to stay on this team.