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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Game 74: Martin Prado had an answer for everything (39-35)

Joe Blanton allowed 3 runs in 5 IP tonight. He's going to need to start going deeper in games than he has been in order to save the arms of our bullpen.

Good job by Manuel pinch hitting Mayberry for Dobbs vs the lefty. I approve of all the pitching moves that Manuel made. Park was OK in extra innings vs the bottom of the Braves lineup, but I don't like the idea that he was only in so that Manuel could save Lidge for "once the Phillies got the lead." Because as you can see, the Phillies never got the lead. Theoretically, Lidge is the best reliever at that point, and YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE YOUR BEST RELIEVER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. However, with his recent struggles, he probably wouldn't have changed the outcome.

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