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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Game 71: Phils can't handle Romero (37-34)

The Phillies made themselves look like fools last night by swinging wildly at pitches in the dirt. Most of which weren't even good pitches.

Hamels struggled, and was yanked in the 5th. On his way off the field, he got loud with the home plate umpire, and was tossed. I agree with Hamels. There were a few awful calls in the 5th inning, and the Phillies had to get a couple extra outs. Additionally, Hamels should not use his curveball to RHB unless he buries it. The breaking pitch to an opposite handed batter is a very good pitch to hit.

Park relieved Hamels, and got hurt making the final out in the 5th.

Lidge was used for the first time since coming off the DL, and did not look good.

The Phillies never seem to do well against young pitchers that they haven't seen much of, and also tend to fail miserably against overwhelming groundball pitchers.

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