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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Game 70: Sloppy game; Bastardo exits early (37-33)

I don't understand why Manuel insists on using a slower defender in the outfielder when a reasonably faster player, who has outfield experience, plays first base. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It cost the Phils 2 runs tonight.

Bastardo left the game early with an injury tonight. Besides that, he has shown recently that all he really likes to throw is his fastball. This is very unacceptable at the major league level. The batters learn very quickly that all they need to do is hit a fastball that isn't even that fast. He needs to develop at least one more solid pitch, and probably at the very least, something he can just roll up there once in a while.

Rough game tonight. The umpire was inconsistant. Pedro Feliz makes an awful baserunning mistake. I personally don't think Matt Stairs would have scored had he ran hard the whole way anyway, but he needs to hustle. The umpires also blatantly disregarded the rules for replay that say only permissible on HR calls. More disturbing? The umps (aside from breaking the rules) felt the ground rule double with a team up 6 runs was more important to review than a potential game ending HR in extra innings by Greg Dobbs.

Phillies lose yet another series. I was glad to see Rollins sitting. Whenever he might find his way back into the lineup, I hope he is dropped in the lineup.

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