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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Game 68: Phils win big over Lightning (37-31)

The Philies won by a score of 10-1 tonight, thanks to a 6-run first inning which included a 3-run homer by John Mayberry. With lefty David Price starting for the Rays, it was a good move by Charlie Manuel to use Mayberry in the outifeld instead of Eric Bruntlett. Well done by Mr. Manuel.

The manager also used Tyler Walker and Sergei Escalona to pitch the final 3 innings in relief of Jamie Moyer. While it seems obvious to use the mop-up guys in blow-out situations, Manuel is entirely unpredictable with his bullpen (especially after an off-day).

Good job by Manuel; better job by Moyer and the Phils' lineup.

Phillies go for the series win (!!!) tomorrow night at 7:08 pm when RHP Joe Blanton faces RHP Matt Garza.

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