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Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 59: Tie game in extra innings? Let's use Kyle Kendrick (35-24)

The Phillies lost tonight because Kyle Kendrick allowed three runs in the top of the 13th inning. He was called up from the minors earlier today to replace Scott Eyre. Ruben Amaro said they chose to bring up Kendrick because "he has been pitching well lately." Kendrick is not a good pitcher. His career minor league WHIP is 1.385, which is below-average even in the majors. He should not be on a major league roster.

Andrew Carpenter, on the other hand, owns a 1.266 WHIP in the minors for his career. He's still in the minors while Kendrick is blowing games. It's a disgrace that Kendrick is the arm to replace Eyre instead of Carpenter (yes, Carpenter pitched last night, but he should have been activated instead of Paul Bako to replace Lidge).

Regardless of Amaro's decision to activate Kendrick, Manuel never should have allowed Kendrick to pitch. Chad Durbin never pitched tonight, and he only threw 8 pitches in last night's victory over the Mets. There's not one person on Earth who thinks Kendrick is better than Durbin (except Manuel, I guess).

I don't know if Dobbs' long drive was fair or foul, but I sure as hell know that it should have been reviewed. There's absolutely no need for a replay system if that type of play isn't reviewed. Manuel stated in his postgame press conference that it wasn't reviewed simply because the first-base umpire didn't want it to be reviewed. To me, that's absolute garbage. That sounds like an umpire who's afraid of what the replay may show. Unacceptable umpiring, and Manuel backed down WAY too easily after he was initially denied the review.

The Mets lost on an error though, so the 4-game lead is intact. Tomorrow night LHP Antonio Bastardo faces RHP Daisuke Matsuzaka at 7:05 pm.

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Anonymous said...

i would have actually wanted to seen chan ho pitch instead of kendrick (presuming durbin would have/should have pitched for chan ho). just becuz chan ho at least has been suckin against major league batters and not minor league batters.

cheer the double switch though, big surprise