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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Game 56: Phils lose due to Santana's bat and Manuel's ignorance (33-23)

I'm not going to complain about any of Manuel's lineup decisions tonight (Werth correctly batted third), or even any of his pitching decisions (Happ threw 105 pitches, and Lidge is out so the bullpen is very thin). That doesn't mean Manuel had a good night: he singlehandedly ruined the Phillies' 9th inning rally. Here's how:

With the Phillies trailing 6 to 5, Jimmy Rollins, batting 6th in the lineup, led off the 9th inning with a single. Pedro Feliz was the next batter. Anyone with a brain who has watched more than 3 Phillies games this year knows that Greg Dobbs is the obvious choice to pinch-hit for Feliz in that situation. Francisco Rodriguez was the pitcher, and Feliz has a career OBP of .286 against RHP. Of course, Manuel allowed Feliz to bat. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Feliz struck out. Matt Stairs then pinch-hit for Carlos Ruiz and grounded into a fielder's choice. Then it was Dobbs' turn, and he struck out to end the game.

It's disgraceful that Feliz was allowed to bat in that inning. Dobbs should have hit for Feliz, Stairs for Ruiz, then Coste for the pitchers' spot. Instead, Coste never got to bat while Feliz was grossly overmatched. Here are Coste's and Feliz's career numbers against RHP:

Coste: .332 OBP; .419 SLG
Feliz: .286 OBP; .422 SLG

Charlie Manuel is not a good manager.


Henry Rowengartner said...

I'm sick and tired of Charlie doing his goddamn bullpen-by-numbers shtick.

2nd and 3rd 2 out in the bottom of the 6th. Condrey has already proved he had nothing by letting up a double to Santana. BRING IN YOUR LEFTY SPECIALIST. If he was going to pitch Romero an innning anyway, then have him stay in to pitch the 7th and maybe, god forbid, have Madson pitch two innings. Or maybe Condrey would have been in a better position to pitch in the 8th.

It's a shame the player's like Manuel so much.

Anonymous said...

105 pitches with a man on 1st, two outs and due up are the right handed 8 hole hitter and left handed pitcher hitting .056.
the bullpen is thin, therefore J.A. has to know going in he will be slightly stretched. He probably should have finished the inning.

Durbin pitching to church when JC is obviously going to start the following inning is questionable.

Dobbs showed why he gets 0 ABs this year in the 9th by swinging at the first pitch (despite FRod throwing around 20 pitches), but then proceeds to watch 3 close pitches pass him by.

-Steve Mix

Anonymous said...

**1 out with the man on first, my bad.