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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Game 53: Phils lose in ninth (32-21)

The Phillies were up 3-2 over the Dodgers with 2 outs and nobody on base in the ninth. Brad Lidge walked a batter, allowed a single, and then induced what should have been a game-ending groundout. Pedro Feliz, however, booted it. The next batter doubled and the game was over.

Feliz should be in the game at that point: he is one of the best defensive third basemen in the game. Jamie Moyer pitched a strong 7 innings, while JC Romero pitched a scoreless 8th. Romero probably should not have pitched to righties Matt Kemp and Mark Loretta in that inning, especially with Ryan Madson and Scott Eyre available. He walked Kemp, but retired Loretta. Other than that, Manuel made no mistakes.

It's a tough way for the winning streak to end, but hopefully they can start one up again later today at 4:10 pm when RHP Joe Blanton faces RHP Hiroki Huroda.

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