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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Game 49: Phils take first game on West coast (29-20)

Manuel used 3 lefties tonight, but the Padres only have 1 lefty reliever. Not a terrible idea in this instance.

Joe Blanton had a great outing again today.

Rather than the usual complaint about Manuel's pitching moves, I was quite surprised to see that he left Scott Eyre out there to pitch to Adrian Gonzalez. It was the correct move despite the fact that he walked him. Lidge was then brought in to pitch to the following RHBs and closed out the game. Who knows why Manuel used him. Hopefully it wasn't just because Lidge has been overrused recently. I think due to how Lidge struggles against LHBs that this sort of move could be utilized frequently.

Tomorrow should be interesting with Antonio Bastardo getting the start vs. Jake Peavy.

P.S. If anyone ever wants to start a petition to get Wheeler kicked out of the booth, I will gladly sign and aid you in your effort. I would prefer to have Larry Andersen back in the booth, or if possible "myself".


Anonymous said...

any chances we can put pinkslips (fast and furious style) up for both pitchers in a sort of winner take all matchup? probably the best chance to get peavy.

also with bastardo up, do the phillies lead the league in left handed men?

Anonymous said...

fuck peavy. halladay all day. i'll settle for oswalt.

Anonymous said...