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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random stuff

Brad Lidge

Charlie Manuel and the local media have been quoted recently saying that "Brad Lidge is still our guy. He has the stuff, and we're not going to give up on him anytime soon." This is a huge problem. I've been listening to 610 more often recently, and it seems like every host entertains callers saying that "this doesn't worry them". Well to that, I must ask: where are your heads? I don't know about you, but I was worried each time Brad Lidge came into a game since the 2nd half of the last year.

Lidge got very lucky last season. I remember constantly thinking that if the opponents didn't swing their bats that the Phils would never win a game. Lidge relied on people wildly swinging at balls in the dirt. Often times these balls were nowhere near the plate. Not even close to being strikes. If the batters would just stand there, the games would not end until Lidge would be eventually relieved.

This year people insist that he doesn't have location with his fastball, which may be true. Horrifying, but true. If he can't spot his fastball that means that he cannot command either of his pitches for strikes. This in turn means he will do whatever he can to get pitches over, making his fastball hittable. Obviously he can throw strikes sometimes, but I truly believe he can't do exactly what he wants with his pitches the majority of the time.

My solution? I agree with Mr. Musser. Madson has proven he can pitch in late innings. His 97 MPH, low-mid 80s change that drops off the table, cutter, and 2-seam FB are certainly plenty to retire most ML hitters. He can alternate with Lidge. If the lineup shows lefties due up in the 8th, or more dangerous lefties due in the 8th than the 9th, let Madson pitch then. When the lineup shows any seriously lefty threat, let Madson pitch. Obviously this decision becomes irrelevant if JCR returns to form in a week or so. He will be set against lefties as ONLY he should be. ONLY LEFTIES FOR ROMERO. With this in mind, both Musser and I are very hesitant with Jansas's pitching as well. Before last season, his WHIP was extremely high, and he's another pitcher that relies on batters getting themselves out.

A lot of things went very well for the Phils last year that helped them win the World Series. It's not the end of the world if Manuel is to ask Madson and Lidge to switch roles. Lidge seems like a great guy. I'm sure he'd take it in stride.


I hate the Penguins. I've tried to watch as much Penguins/Hurricanes as possible, despite the fact the it makes me absolutely sick. The Penguins get away with murder. Almost literally. Some of the penalties the Canes took were laughable. I forget the game, but a cane skated to the boards with his stick on the ice going for the puck. He clipped a Pens' blade, and the guy went down, tripping. A defenseman was at the blue line trying to keep a puck in the zone when he lost his footing and did a semi-split. The Penguin went skating by to get the puck, and threw himself over the Cane's outstretched leg, and a trip was again called. Cole got a penalty (roughing? cross-checking?) for lightly tapping Hal Gil, a huge man who went flaling to the ice and into his goalie. On and on the penalties went.

To make it worse, the Penguins got away with many infractions, and when it came time to put the Pens in the box, they evened up the call by putting both guys in the box. Don't remember the players, but a Penguin interfered with a Cane, who went to reach around the player, briefly rested his hand on the Pens' shoulder and holding was called.

It's embarassing how obvious it is that the NHL wants the Penguins to make the finals because of Princess Crosby. The ratings will go up if the country can watch Malkin's digusting parents crying in the stands when their son scores a goal. I really hope the Red Wings run them right out of the playoffs.

Next series for the Phils

Hopefully the Phils will be able to mash the Nats this weekend. The Nationals have a pitiful rotation, and we have a very above average lineup. We SHOULD sweep. If not sweep, we should take 2 of 3. Happ, Hamels, and Moyer. All lefties. Weird.

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