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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The NHL is a joke: there's no way this is not a goal

Hurricanes-Bruins, Game 2. At the end of the second period, the Hurricanes scored a goal, but the refs ruled it no-goal on the ice. The pictures are from the goal-review. The above pictures show the puck behind the red line; unfortunately, the camera angle is from BEHIND the red line (the crossbar is not directly above the red line). Even though our angle is compromised by poor camera-positioning, you can still see some white ice between the puck and the red line (the orange circle on the top picture circles this area). Despite the clear evidence, the NHL ruled this no goal. It's insane. If the camera were directly overhead the crossbar, which it should be, you would only see more white ice between the line and the puck. Thankfully, Carolina is winning by 2 goals with 3 minutes left, so it seems that the NHL's incompetence will not cost them the game.


Anonymous said...

If you can have it clearly then why can't the nhl have it clearly?
Sure looks like a goal to me.

Anonymous said...

if you look close enough at it i think you can see kurt warners wristband behind the red line too

Anonymous said...

You must be a Pittsburgh fan.