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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny Ramirez suspended 50 games: good news for Phils

I don't really care about steroids anymore. The way I see it, if you're a professional athlete, your body is your asset and you should be able to improve that asset any way you want (as long as you are not breaking any laws in the process). Unfortunately, baseball is currently overreacting to the 1990s, the decade in which MLB decided to turn a blind eye to illegal steroid use. So, in order to compensate for the years where players were illegally shooting up in the locker room, Bud Selig is punishing players for simple OTC products (JC Romero) and female fertility drugs (Manny Ramirez).

Either way, Ramirez is sitting out the next 50 games. Guess what? The Phils play their entire 7-game season series against L.A. within Ramirez' suspension. So, unless they meet in the playoffs again, the Phils will not see Manny at all this year.

In the words of the gold-toothed Wet Bandit: "Excellent."


Anonymous said...

i already spoke to your husband, and don't worry about a thing, your home is in good hands.

Anonymous said...

i dont see how getting pregnant will improve mannys performance on the ball field but to each his own...

Nomad said...

for Manny's case (and everyone in his position) the "I didn't know" excuse expired a long time ago